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Specification:Every day we are faced with pollution, Radiasi, virus, bacteria, Jamur, and other poisons, which is ready to attack us and cause various diseases.

Maintain the body' s immune decline and are very vulnerable to the disease are:
1. Environment that is not healthy ( pollution and radiation)
2. The pattern of life is not healthy ( not enough rest and exercise are not regularly, consume a lot of cigarettes)
3.Pola food that is not healthy ( eat fast food dishes that do not meet the required nutrition body)

We need some body that is capable of improving the nutrition immune system and prevent and treat various health penyakit.Untuk maintain a natural.
Konsumsilah routinely Habbatussauda Cap " Ajwa dates " or Innolife Assaudah

For the healthy remain healthy so that security for the disease and will help menyembukannya.

Ajwa dates Habbatussauda Cap Alva contains Linolenic Acid ( Omega 3) Linolenic Acid ( Omega 6) , 15 amino acids that are useful for improving the system and increase body metabolism and blood circulation swing. Effect on the warm feeling Habbatussauda cap Ajwa dates will be the stoppage mambantu vein.

Some of the important nutrients such as calcium, sodium potassium iron and vitamin A ( Beta carotene) , B1, B2, B6, C, E, and Niacin is necessary for the body to increase body resistance against disease ( Immunitas Increase Body)

Benefits and uses:

1. Increase stamina, vitality and body resistance against disease.
2. Smooth circulation of blood, blood vessel to prevent stoppage.
3. Stabilize / menormalkan cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and acid content, and to improve the performance of fiber heart.
4. To help and treat digestive problems such as ulcer, mules, and kembung flu and respiratory problems overcome.
5. rejuvenate the body cells, delaying the process penuaan.

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Name:Mr. dwi yanto [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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bekasi, Jawa Barat

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